Vegan Ultra Protein Blend in Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor (3.0 Lbs)

Commit to be fit with this vegan protein

Protein blends have single proteins from various sources. This idea came about when nutritionists had a debate about which protein was the best. Then they decided that by taking a blend of multiple proteins, one can get the nutritional benefits of all of the proteins from one source.

Proteins are important for a healthy life. If you have gone vegan and have a hard time getting enough proteins from your daily diet, then this vegan protein formula is for you. It will help you be healthy and build lean muscles quickly.

It has 100% vegan, isolated organic proteins from almonds and peas. It is the best tasting protein shake in its vanilla ice cream flavor that you'll ever find. The vanilla will help subside the bad after taste that you get from taking any vegan protein.