Vegan Ultra 100% Organic Vegan Protein Powder (Strawberry Ice Cream Flavor) 3.0 Lbs.

A True Vegan Supplement You Can Trust

These days it’s easy to find a lot sources for proteins to fulfill your daily requirements. But very few of them uphold the promise of being vegan. Well, not anymore. That’s because the Ultra Vegan supplement is here to help maintain that capability.

This vegan protein powder comes enriched from certified plant based vegan sources. That means you don’t have to rely to animal milk based proteins like casein and whey. You can enjoy a nice serving of vegan protein without thinking twice about where it comes from.

Enjoy this vegan protein supplement with a unique strawberry ice cream flavor that excites your senses. The mild and soothing flavor is guaranteed to keep you wanting more. After all, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good too!