Thermo Carnitine KC-35, L - Carnitine Fat Burner, Weight Supplement (Tropical Mango Flavor)

The Taste of Summer

Thermo Carnitine kc-35 is a premier fat burner that harnesses the power of carnitine to deliver effective results for weight loss.

Now you don’t have to go around searching that weight supplements that don’t deliver and taste like chemicals. Not when you the thermo carnitine giving you the results you need with a pleasant mango flavor.

When shopping supplements for weight loss, you always want something that can give you the most benefit in the least amount of time. The KC 35 stands true to this test by speeding up the process of ATP production. This not only reduces your weight in record time but it also converts your body fat into useable energy. This way you get a much needed fat burn and a boost of energy at the gym.