Prolive Bio6 Bioactive Protein, Isolate Protein Powder, Whey Protein Powder (Piña Colada Flavor) 6.0 Lbs.

A Dose of Protein with the Taste of Tropics

The Prolive protein powder is a high purity iso pro whey isolate based protein powder that takes up the mantle of its predecessor, the prolive bio5. No more having to work extra hard for your gains. Just put in your efforts, kick back, and enjoy the tropical taste of a piña colada in your protein shake.

This isolate protein formula is fit to fuel both an athlete and a muscle builder alike. Now you don’t have to go around carrying different maxpro protein and isopro protein powders. Not when you get the same pharmaceutical grade protein benefit from the proteins in the bio6.

Get all the nutritional taste benefits and no side effects. This is the only whey protein source you will ever need.