Prolive Bio6 Bioactive Protein for Coffee Lovers (6.0 Lbs.)

Soothe your caffeine cravings and stay fit at the same time

If you have recently started going to the gym, you may hear the guys near the weights talking about protein powders. Trainers and regular gym-goers believe that protein shakes will help them bulk up their muscles. Protein powders are for people who want to lose fat and gain muscles. They also help you with post-workout recovery.

This formula is the improved version of prolive bio5, it brings you better whey protein benefits. You’ll get the benefits and strength of iso pro and maxpro protein from this product but at a more reasonable price. This formula uses high purity, pharmaceutical grade isolate proteins. It contains a blend of bioactive and isolates hydrolyzed proteins that metabolize very quickly in your body.

Take this tasty formula in coffee flavor and encourage the growth of lean muscles.