Prolive Bio6 Bioactive Protein in Batido de Mango Flavor (6.0 Lbs.)

Effective formula for growing lean muscles

If you know fitness freaks, you must have heard them talking about protein shakes. Protein powders that are consumed in the form of shakes are gaining popularity as nutritional supplements by the day. There are various protein powders, but whey protein is more famous because it is water-soluble and has many benefits.

This protein isolate formula is based on prolive bio5 and is more refined in the most prestigious nutrition centers to bring you multiple advantages. This formula is a blend of bioactive and isolates hydrolyzed proteins that metabolize very quickly in your system. It is a high purity, pharmaceutical grade muscle builder. It promotes the quick growth of lean muscles.

Who needs iso pro and max pro protein when you have got prolive proteins in the delicious flavor of batido de mango.