Prolive Bio5 Bioactive Protein, High Purity Whey Protein Powder (Cookies and Cream Flavor) 5.0 Lbs

An Addictive Protein Treat

The prolive bio5 is a handy iso pro whey isolate that works for any occasion. You can feed your body’s need for a high purity whey protein. And you can feed your addictive cravings with its rich and saccharine cookies and cream flavor. There’s something here for everyone.

What’s more, the prolive protein powder works as a great muscle builder that rivals isopro protein and maxpro protein. After all, this protive protein powder is made from pharmaceutical grade protein.

So whether you want to make a protein shake or just drink protein powder with water, you'll have high-quality isolate protein that delivers on your needs for proteins.  And if you have a sweet tooth, then the cookies and cream flavor will be sure to keep you company throughout.