Prolive Bio5 Bioactive Protein, High Purity Whey Protein Powder (Cappuccino Flavor) 5.0 Lbs

A Coffee Lover’s Dream

Miss the taste of coffee but forced to quit caffeine? Well, have no fear. Because the Prolive bio5 cappuccino protein powder is sure to excite you with the familiar taste of coffee without all the side effects. That’s because it’s a high purity iso pro whey isolate that is formulated from only the best isolate protein available.

If you have your sights set on being a muscle builder, then look no further. The prolive protein powder will deliver that promise with its pharmaceutical grade protein that rivals other proteins.

If you’re looking for a solid whey protein that adds that caffeinated touch to your protein shake. The bio5 delivers the exceptional taste of cappuccino and the superb performance of isopro protein and maxpro protein. With all that, what’s not to love?