Gluta Max Pro in Fuzzy Blue Flavor

Energetic recovery, faster protein synthesis

Glutamine is an amino acid that is found in large amounts in our body. It plays a very important role in protein synthesis and is critical for our immune system. It is also necessary for muscle growth and improved exercise performance. When you workout, your glutamine level drops, which may cause your body to enter a catabolic state. If you wait for the lost glutamine level to replenish naturally, it will take a lot of time. That is where glutamine supplements come in handy. 

This product will double up your protein biosynthesis, and as a result, you will recover faster. Studies have reported that glutamine helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise; thus, it also plays a role in post-workout recovery. BCAAs and glutamine are necessary for a better recovery. Take this supplement post-workout in its tangy fuzzy blue flavor and feel energetic even after intense exercise sessions.