Creat Stim Pro in Fruit Punch flavor

Boost your energy level

No matter how motivated you are, you will only drag through your workout period if you lack energy. This creatine based energy supplement will not only boost your energy level but will also encourage lean muscle growth.

Creatine is actually a non-essential dietary compound that is synthesized in the liver of our bodies. Muscle tissues don’t make creatine that is why they must take it from the bloodstream. Creatine helps make ATP, which provides the necessary energy for muscle contraction. It is an indirect fat burner. This muscle builder supplement will make sure that you have more muscle on your body so that you can work out harder in the gym and burn more calories.

Creatine changes into phosphocreatine, which acts as a source of regeneration of ATPs, which is a source of energy for muscle contraction. Keep energized and healthy with this fruit punch flavored supplement.