Prolive Bio5 Bioactive Protein in Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor (5.0 Lbs)

Nutritious, tasty and high quality

Protein intake is essential for good health. But if you are trying to drop the pounds or are an athlete, it can get kind of annoying to get enough proteins. Prolive protein powder provides high purity and pharmaceutical grade protein powder. The isolate protein of whey used in this powder is isolate-hydrolyzed. Research has proved that isolated-hydrolyzed whey proteins digest easily and help you build muscles quickly.

This amazing muscle builder comes at a price less than iso pro protein and maxpro protein but offers the same benefits. This protein shake tastes like vanilla ice cream, take it cold to enjoy it to the fullest. You will get probiotics, proteins, BCAAs with each glass of this delicious treat that will not only boost your muscle buildup but also improve your digestion.