Thermo Carnitine KC-35 in Wild Blueberries Flavor

Burn fat and improve your gym performance

L-carnitine is naturally found in mammals and is an amino acid derivative. It is often taken as a supplement for weight loss. It produces energy from fatty acids through the process of beta-oxidation. Your body can produce it from amino acids such as methionine and lysine. But it needs plenty of vitamin C to do that. People with certain health issues and those on a vegan diet might not be able to produce enough of it.

This product contains high potency L-carnitine, raspberry ketones, and collagen. L-carnitine burns fat and promotes ATP formation, raspberry ketones are also known to aid weight loss, while collagen is a protein that is found in various connective tissues. It also reduces muscle soreness and aids your post-workout recovery. 

Take this supplement in the flavor of wild blueberries with a healthy diet and lead a healthy life.