Essentials Complete EAAs in Pink Lemonade Flavor

Best post-workout recovery supplement

When you work out, you don't just deplete your energy reserves but also break down muscle tissues. According to gym experts, if you want to see better progress in the gym, you have to pay as much attention to your post-workout recovery as you do to your whole workout regime.

EAAs (essential amino-acids) are supplements that are responsible for your amino-acid induced muscle growth. It is important, especially for athletes. EAAs help boosts your athletic performance, promote healthy metabolism, fortify connective tissue, and contribute to your general well-being.

Out of the 20 most important amino acids, 9 cannot be produced by the human body but necessary to be healthy. With its non-stimulant EAAs and added magnesium, this supplement will help you recover faster after an intense workout session. Enjoy this magic drink in the pink lemonade flavor.