BCAA plus Glutamine in Pineapple Flavor

Refreshing taste and fast recovery

BCAAs are branched amino acids that contain three amino acids, including valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These amino acids are not made by our bodies but are required by it. That is why we need it from external sources to fulfill our needs. Glutamine is also an important amino acid that is found in abundant amounts in our body. It is the building block of many proteins and is very important for our immune system.

When we workout, we lose glutamine and break our muscle tissues. To see healthy gains and the fruit of your hard work in the gym, you must pay attention to your post-exercise recovery. Many trainers and gym-goers turn to these supplements for faster recovery and enhanced energy levels.

This product contains BCAAs and isolates glutamine in 12:1:1. It will help you recover 3 times faster. Take this powerful supplement is the sweet flavor of pineapple and boost your gym performance.