BCAA plus Glutamine in Fruit Punch Flavor

Fast-paced recovery and lean muscle growth

There are 20 amino acids that combine together in various forms and make many important proteins. Among them, nine are not made by our bodies and must be obtained through external means. Three of these amino acids that include valine, leucine, and isoleucine make branch chained amino acids that are also known as BCAAs. These amino acids are necessary for various body functions but are specifically beneficial for muscle growth.

About 60% of our skeletal muscle is made of glutamine, which is a non-essential amino acid. However, when we exercise, we lose glutamine. Both BCAAs and glutamine encourage muscle build-up. They also help increase your endurance level and provide energy for better gym performance.

This product contains BCAAs and isolate glutamine in 12:1:1. It is best to take them after your workout. We promise you’ll love these supplements in the fruit punch flavor.