BCAA plus Glutamine in Artic Grape Flavor

Light speed recovery with this effective recipe

Health experts say that post-workout recovery is as important as exercising in itself. You will not see satisfying progress in the gym if you don't recover properly after exercise. Proper nutrition, hydration, and rest are the keys to a healthy recovery. But if you take extra help from supplements, this process will be made much faster.

This product contains BCCAs (branched amino acids) that has important amino acids such as isoleucine.  They are not produced by our bodies naturally but are necessary. It also contains isolated glutamine. Both of these are present in this formula in a 12:1:1 ratio. It will not only help you recover 3X faster but will also promote muscle growth and help you prevent muscle breakdown.

BCCAs also help increase your endurance, and as a result, you burn more fat. This effective post-workout recovery recipe comes in the delicious flavor of arctic grapes.