100% Vegan Pancakes, Waffles & Muffins Mix, Protein Powder Mix (Chocolate Chips flavor) 4 Lbs.

Chocolatey Vegan Delight in a Bottle

Get a pleasant taste from your baking mix like it’s fresh out of the oven of a protein bakery. That’s because this mix is 100% vegan. Add some sweet flavor and proteins to your everyday bakery items like muffins, waffles, and of course pancakes.

If that wasn't enough, this mix is packed with true vegan proteins from natural sources. Now you can fulfill your workout, diet, or supplement needs in a pinch just by eating the food you love.

The fan-favorite chocolate chip flavor provides a much-needed sweetness kick to your baked goods. The chocolate essence elevates your creations and adds a whole new dimension to them.  No more having to enjoy plain baked items, no more missing out on protein. Now, you can have both.

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