Raptor X5 Pre-workout in Fruit Punch Flavor

Explosive energy for intense workouts

You are determined to crush your workout whenever you hit the gym. A high potency pre-workout powder will add an extra boost of energy to power through any challenging exercise regime. Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine and other energy boosters that combat muscle fatigue and help you last till the end. The right supplement will increase your endurance level and focus for a more engaging and intense session.

This formula is free from banned and harmful substances and is totally safe. It will provide you the right amount of energy for your workout and help you finish your exercises. All the ingredients are listed on the back of the container, but the three main components are L-citrulline, caffeine, and beta-alanine. All of these components will boost your energy level and improve your exercise performance. You’ll love these supplements in the fruit punch flavor.