Creat Stim PRO in Fuzzy Blue Flavor

Workout tirelessly with this tasty supplement

Creatine is naturally made in our livers. It is also present in some foods like fish and meat. It turns in creatine phosphate later, which acts as a storage reservoir for the regeneration of ATPs. ATPs (Adenosine tri-phosphates) provide energy for our muscles to contract. Muscles do not create creatine, so they must take it from the bloodstream.

To last in competitions and for a few more minutes in the gym, many athletes and trainers turn to creatine supplements. It gives them bursts of energy and helps build lean muscles. This product contains tri-creatine and some other nutrients in the ratio of 5:3:2. Creatine helps you last longer in the gym. You can take this pre, post, or in between your workout. Take this energy booster and muscle builder in its sweet and tangy fuzzy blue flavor and enhance your exercise performance.