September 30, 2020

Egg and fish are two things that most vegans and vegetarians avoid adding in their diet. Eggs are out of Vegetarian diet because they are animal products or by-products. Similarly, fish is also excluded following the no-meat rule.

Source of proteins

An important thing to know is that eggs and fish are two rich sources of proteins. Most of the plants do not come with proteins naturally. That leads you towards taking supplements. But it is better to add egg and fish in your diet instead of supplements as these are natural products.

Benefits of egg

Eggs yolk contains dietary cholesterol. People often confuse them with blood cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol has a minor role to play in increasing blood cholesterol, so including them in your diet is no big deal.

Eggs are really good for health as they are packed with proteins, iron, and vitamins that are important for your body to function.

How to take an egg?

You can take eggs in countless different forms like scrambled eggs, toasted eggs, boiled eggs chopped into rice or salad, or an omelet with different vegetables.

Benefits of fish

If you want to follow an Eat-well guide, fish has to be a significant part of it.

Fish comes with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B2, calcium, and phosphorus. Apart from this, fish is a rich source of various minerals like zinc, iron, iodine, magnesium, etc.

Adding fish to your diet will cover up the deficiency of nutrients and minerals that is not present in plants. Even if you are a vegan, taking fish occasionally will not harm.

How to take fish?

Taking fish in grilled form is the best way to start. Small pieces of mild-flavored fish like cod and plaice also does the job.


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