June 10, 2021


Whey is the most famous one.

It is a water-soluble milk protein that contains nine different amino acids.

The body readily absorbs it. But it contains lactose (as it is extracted from milk and curd) that might take time to digest. Its isolated form contains minimal lactose because lactose is removed during the filtering process.

It is good for building muscle mass, which makes its athletes’ choice.


As the name suggests, soy protein is made from soy flakes. It is a plant-based protein and hence does not involve dairy, making it a perfect vegans' choice. It provides all the essential amino acids, so much so that one ounce of soy protein contains about 95 calories and 23 grams of protein.

Some soy proteins may reduce the mineral absorption process, so you may consider combining them with other protein sources to get improved results.


Casein is also extracted from milk. It covers 80% of the milk protein portion. Like soy, it is not more effective than whey. It takes more time to release its amino acids and so it takes more time to digest, making it suitable for night time intake. It boosts muscle growth, and some researchers have pointed out that it speeds up weight loss as well.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are best taken before and after a workout. They contain protein powder or liquid protein, and have a high protein source, and help in muscle recovery. They can be yummy as well, especially if you follow an amazing recipe.

Many gyms provide protein shakes to their members to speed up the ‘becoming fit’ process.

You can even make a delicious protein shake at home by adding ingredients that you like and adjusting their quantities. You can either add protein powder or go for things that contain protein. Protein powder gives you the liberty to select the one that best suits your body type.

Add milk, protein powder, and high protein fruits or veggies in your blender, let it do its thing, and then treat yourself with an amazing post-workout shake. You can also use frozen fruit or ice as the base of the shake and add water or milk along with a sweetener.

It's your shake, your choice!


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