April 29, 2021

Strength Training

Strength training also referred to as resistance training, is the usage of resistance to strong contraction for building anaerobic endurance, size of your skeletal muscles, and strength. It is established on the belief that the body's muscles will work to withstand a resistance force when required. If you do strength training unfailingly, then your muscles get stronger. A solid fitness program comprises strength training to boost bone density, joint function, tendon, muscle, and ligament vitality.

Examples of Strength Training

With multiple ways for strengthening your muscles, be it at the gym or home, here are various examples of strength training

Free Weights

It includes classic resilience training tools like barbells, kettlebells or you can go with sandbags.

Resistance Bands

You can also use huge rubber bands as they deliver resistance upon the stretch. Because of their portability, they adapt to maximum workouts. Such bands give continual resistance throughout the movement

Suspension Equipment

These pertain to training tools utilizing gravity and your body weight to achieve various exercises.

Body Weight

You can utilize your body weight for push-ups, squats or chin-ups as it is also very convenient, particularly while traveling. 

Fundamentals of Strength Training

Strength training comprises several principles and some of them are:


It is the overall fitness program comprising of several exercise types like aerobic training, strength training, balance exercises, and flexibility training

Sets and Reps

Set is a group of reps you do without resting. Rep pertains to the number of times you continually repeat every exercise in a set. Then comes rest, which your body needs between your sets.


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